Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Olympics are over...and our Canadian Men's hockey team worked their magic!

So, guess who woke up in time for the final score this morning?  Uh, huh.  That would be me (yes, I know, it should be "I" but this is my blog, not a grammar competition!). I was reading on my lovely Kobo, and one of my social thingies "dinged" and there was the gold! Since all was quiet in the basement, where Jackson and the dog were asleep, and the boss was snoring beside me, I decided to keep this happy information to myself. Imagine their surprise when Nana already knew!  Although we love the wins, our household is not one to get up early for the game.  We will watch the reruns, no problem!

It snowed overnight again, so the plow and the sander have been out. Our walkway hasn't been shoveled yet, but that's OK; we're not going anywhere just yet.  Made pancakes, bacon and omelet for brekkies, and the coffee was fair to middlin', so we're happy.

The boss has cajoled, bullied or made a promise to Jackson so he will get his hair cut. Bet you it won't be more than a tiny trim. He has such wonderful hair, but it's too wild and unkempt right now.  'Course, no one knows what it looks like because he never takes the flipping hat off!  Well, he does, very grudgingly, sometimes.

Oh, Erica and her family have gone to the zoo to see the baby polar bears and pandas.  I told her I wanted lots of pictures.

It being Sunday, the electricity is cheaper, so I will get the laundry done.  How's that for excitement? I will update here as it happens. 

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