Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Monday, 14 April 2014

I've been missing...

Really, there was little to tell you about, that's why I haven't been here. There is only so much I can relate about Matt's new house (they are closing the on the 23rd), Jackson's 87 in maths (who knew?  Certainly not him!) or any of the tedium of daily life.

My interest was peaked last week when I went looking for information about "the boss' " ancestor, Dr. John S. (Staynor) Pashley, whose sword, epaulettes and buttons we have, along with a picture of him looking much like "the boss" in his younger days (actually, probably about the same age - 45 or so). I found his burial place (Oakwood Cemetery in Belle Plaine MN) where he expired at the tender age of 46, after doing his duty as a surgeon in the Civil War. He had come to Canada from England but landed in the US. Ronald's mother was a Pashley.  As friends and family know, I love this kind of stuff, as does my brother in law, who does the ancestry thing, too. Now, I am looking for the Acheson family connection. I get just so far then I can't find their children, so I am now at a dead (pardon the pun) end. I will prevail, just takes time.

The "boss" and I went away for a couple of days on Thursday. We were headed for Frankenmuth, MI, which looked interesting on the 'net. Unfortunately, the actual village was far less attractive than the website would lead one to believe, and the prices were horrendous. We thought to buy some sausages and such, but the prices at the butcher shop were astronomical. We looked at the bakery, too, but the breads all looked "packaged" and nothing really looked authentic. I'm sure families with children love the hotels with the water parks attached, but for two fogies with a dog (the dog park was superb!), there was little more than candy, fudge and kitsch... We couldn't even find a schnitzel for lunch and landed up at Cracker Barrel for dinner, which is always good if unexciting.

I did find a really good deal on a leather bag at Wilson's and some wonderful pink mixing bowls and measuring cups from the Pottery Barn. The shopping was fun and just seeing something different was a pleasure.

Unfortunately, Michigan seems to have suffered greatly in the recession. The roads are a terrible mess, the malls have myriad closed stores and for lease signs and nothing looks prosperous.  Very sad. The Blue Water bridge from Sarnia to Port Huron was wonderful!  The view was stupendous. I couldn't get my phone camera to work fast enough for a really good shot, but you get the idea.


We used reward points, so in actual fact, the trip was cheap.  Just gas, food and some minor purchases. We had fun, which was the whole point, and there was little snow left until we cam home.  There is still lots here.  Supposed to do "that" again tomorrow. Enough, already!

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  1. It is always good to get away and happy that you enjoyed at least some of it. new or exciting here...SOS....:-)


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