Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Thursday, 3 April 2014

PQ Who?

Just received a new Canadian alphabet      Who had this good insight?

For those who don't know who the PQ is:  It is an ultra-conservative, intolerant group of people which has been trying to wrest Québec from the rest of Canada for several decades. It is unfortunately a legitimate political party representing a large portion of Québecers who don't know better. There will be an election in Québec on Monday, and those of us who loathe this party and all it represents hope and pray they will not form a government again. 

The last time they were in power, they conducted a referendum on the subject of separation, and lost.  They will undoubtedly try again, so NO PQ is our mantra.

I may no longer live there, but my whole family is buried there. We were all born there, with the exception of grands, and our roots are still there, not to mention the rest of our family. None of us wants to lose our home to a bunch of malcontents.

Now you know.

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