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Coffee always fresh...

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The passing of heros.

I seldom watch funerals, state or otherwise, on TV. They are often morbid and self-serving to the dignitaries who are there to offer sympathy. However, today was different. Three members of the RCMP were gunned down last week by a person who can only be described as mad. One of the officers ran from a BBQ at his house to assist, only to be shot to death. Another was in civilian dress, on another assignment, when he heard the call. He, too, lost his life in the melée. One of them had just spent the day landscaping the yard at his new house. These three and others (who have survived) who attended this horrific incident were gunned down simply because they were police officers. Perhaps more will come out at his trial, but so far that is the crux of the matter.

I sniffed a few times during the overlong (3 hours)service, but broke down when I saw this.
All I could think of was our lovely dog and how devastated she would be if the same happened to her master.
Danny even looks very much like Acheson. I can only imagine how stricken he must be.

I admired the courage of the men's families as they sat through this ordeal. I was touched to see the Commissioner of the RCMP (the highest police officer in the land) hug the widows and children. I was appalled by the gum chewing of so many in attendance. Maybe I'm just old, but that smacks of disrespect to me.

May these three police officers rest in peace. May their families be touched by the grace God affords to those who seek it, and may the man who did this terrible thing be brought to justice swiftly for the sake of all concerned.

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  1. I agree with you 100%. There are more and more random killings and some close to home. It puts fear in all of us. Sad.


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