Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Thursday, 26 May 2016

The flood... and other nasties

We are finally almost back to normal. The flood, which occurred overnight on February 14th, receded. The damaged electronics have been replaced. The rugs have been dried and cleaned. The walls, ceiling and floors have been redone. After two months without an office to call our own, we are finally back at our respective desks and able to work normally. It was very depressing and, had it not been for a lot of work and keeping busy, I think I might have just fallen into a deep depression. It was still winter, the snow was ever falling, and our lovely little house was a disaster area.

In March, we went to Hilton Head with Matt, Brenda, Jackson and Logan. We had amazing weather, and there was a lot of swimming and fun had by all.

I was beyond amazed to see that Shadow, the lovely golden retriever who has been at the Disney resort since its inception, was still there! She is 18 now, only one year older than Jackson.

The boss and I finally went to Fort Sumter one afternoon. After all the years of visiting South Carolina, it was about time!

 We were blown away by the minimal cost of the boat ride and the tour of the island. Not to mention the abject folly of the general who decided it was a good idea to take his troops out in the middle of the river to an island at Christmas! The fort itself offered them scant protection from the onslaught of  opposing canon fire, and most of it was badly damaged almost immediately. I was glad to have seen it.

My wonderful friend, Sherry, came to stay with the dog. Apparently, they had a grand time together, and all was well.

Just after my birthday, in April, my children and grands all came up to Bracebridge to take me out for dinner. It was wonderful to see everyone, and the dinner was good too.

Mother's Day was quiet, as everyone was somewhere else. The following week was Erica's 45th birthday (how can I possibly have a 45 year old child!), and we were invited to her friend, Ange's, house for a party on the Friday. Again, Sherry looked after Acheson, and we had a wonderful time. We had to come back the following morning for the boss to go to work. Jackson drive us home in the pouring rain. Oh! I almost forgot! He now has his G2 license, so watch out, world! Fortunately, he is an excellent driver. He now wants to come up here most weekends to visit his girlfriend, Jordyn, which is great but getting expensive! He has to take the bus.

So here we are, already after Victoria Day (or, May 24, as it's commonly known now), and the weather is improving. We have had several bright, warm days, and of course the bugs are back. We thought to go camping this week, but the bugs are just too bad, and they really do a number on me. I think we'll wait a couple of weeks.

More as it happens...

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