Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Friday, 27 December 2013

...and more snow!

Woke up to another 5cm of snow this morning.  This is no longer appealing.  Pretty, yes.  Great for kids on holiday, yes.  Getting around, not so much.

I stayed home in a vain effort to contact some of the people with whom I need to speak for references.  I work for Just-Checking Resources, and getting in touch with people isn't always easy. Specially at this time of the year.

The "Boss" did get into town.  Good thing, too, otherwise he would have gone stir crazy and driven me nuts!  As it was, he picked up a package at the post office, chatted with sundry individuals he met and came home in a great frame of mind.

Erica and her family are celebrating McCarthy Christmas today.  That's when all the McCarthy's from far and wide get together to celebrate the season.  It was postponed from last weekend because of the terrible ice storm.  The city of Toronto is still reeling in places.  There are precariously placed tree limbs everywhere, and it's generally unsettling to see the trees coated with ice and snow.  There has to be at least an inch or so of ice everywhere.

When we drove home yesterday, the 401 was clogged, so we got off and went up Yonge.  Every second light was out, so we went along Steeles.  Ronald was heading for Magnotta, but it was closed when we got there, so we turned onto Langstaff, which apparently has only a southbound ramp to the 400.  We spent the next 1.5 hours going around Vaughn Mills Mall in an effort to get onto the 400 northbound.  Once we got on it, it was smooth sailing but the drive home took 4 hours.  The Mall was so jammed with cars and people, it was an absolute nightmare, and there was no way to get past it other than the way we went.  

We got an email from our potential purchaser this afternoon asking if the appraiser could come on Sunday.  I'm so looking forward to all of this being over.

I think it's time for a glass of wine now.  I'll relate more another time.

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  1. How are things in the northland? We are finally warming up but rain expected tomorrow and Sat. We dont mind tho, with 60 degree temps. Jim and I are fighing the 'crud', but both a little better this morning. Hope all is going well for you.


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