Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm back...

Apparently, is not a reliable place to post, so I am back here.  I am hoping Blogger will be more user friendly.  I seem to have a hard time "blogging."

We had a great weekend with kids and grandkids.  Dinner on Saturday for "the boss," whose birthday we celebrated with Rouladen, Spaetzle and purple cabbage.  Also a totally decadent chocolate confection bought from the local grocery because I couldn't for the life of me find any of my baking implements!  Shame on me!

Erica and her husband worked tirelessly on the house, he installing a new sink and faucet in the kitchen; she painting the bathroom and doing touch ups.  The children were sent out to play once the temperature warmed slightly (it was -26C when we woke up on Sunday... too cold for man or beast!), and the boss and I did whatever we were told.  Perfect!

I watched at lot of Olympic skating with my granddaughter, Lane, and she and I commented on costumes, makeup and all that good "girlie" stuff. She is such a joy.  Not that the other three aren't, but Lane is a perfectly lovely granddaughter.  Zoe is coming along, but she is still the little "you know what disturber" and Mac is Mac, usually stirring the pot, too.  Comes with the territory.  Two sisters... geech.  Jackson is becoming a normally annoying almost 15 year old with the "hey, look at me" attitude.  He will grow out of it, even if I have to nag incessantly!

Matt has been interviewing potential replacements for his job at the Manor. He said it's really frustrating because few people have the qualifications or the right attitude to deal with retired people. They will miss him terribly, I'm afraid.  Not only is he a creative chef, but he actually likes the people and cares about them.  The home in Newmarket should thank its lucky stars.  The residents will get better food and a caring chef. If I were to have to live in one of Chartwell's homes, I would want someone like Matt around.  Not just because he is my son, but because he actually wants to make a difference. I am truly blessed when it comes to family.

I seemed to have succumbed to my granddaughter, Zoe's, cold.  First time in over 3 years I have been under the weather, and I'm not liking it at all.

Please leave me your messages and respond to my posts with your likes or dislikes.  See you again, soon.

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  1. I am getting your blogs just fine. Dont know what the problem might be on your end. Hope you can resolve it soon. I enjoy getting up every morning and reading the blog entries and comments too. Til then......God bless.


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