Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Friday, 28 February 2014

Maxine says it all! It's still -24C (for those of you who are Celsius challenged, -18F, give or take. At that point, who cares?).

Matt made it home without incident. Thank goodness he managed to avoid the pile up on the 400. He went down to Newmarket the "back way" via 169.

The boss is still under the weather, so I am going insist he stay home again. He is supposed to work all weekend, so he needs to feel a whole lot better.  Another hot soup day.

I'm having hot coffee, how about you?
See you later, after I have warmed up.

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  1. Sorry to hear the boss is still under the weather. Just keep the hot soup coming. Was up and running to dr. for jim at 8 and just now back home, cleaned kitchen and ready for a nap. I only slept 2 hours last night...grrrr Happy weekend~


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