Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Good morning, world. Another day in the "den." Cold, windy, snowy (Matt is driving through a blizzard near Orillia, as we speak) and totally unappealing. I have to share this picture with you. For those of you who are not familiar with Owen Sound (and why should you be?), it is in Ontario - Southern Ontario.  Nowhere near the North Pole.

However, I can understand the confusion. With the Great Lakes almost frozen over and the temperatures hovering near "murderously cold," Spring seems very far off, indeed.

I read with disquiet this morning of a woman whose boutique's Facebook page has raised the ire of language police in Québec. As you know, I am a proud Québecoise. My family tree goes back to 1628 in that lovely province. HOWEVER, the closed and indeed racist mindset of the few who are governing the province and their supporters, appalls me. How can they possibly demand that a Facebook page, which is public, be "published" in French, simply because it is broadcast and available in Québec? I can understand the demand for "paid" advertising to be in both official languages (even though they sometimes won't even tolerate English), but a Facebook page?  Come on, people.  Get real. Does the Star publish in French? Does my neighbour's business have to maintain it's page in French? Give your heads a good shake and get back with the tour. You need a reality check if you think this one is going to fly without serious opposition.
And just because I love a good controversy, here is the link.

and here is the CBC article:

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