Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Monday, 17 March 2014

My great-grandfather came from Ireland about 175 years ago. The boss' ancestors were even earlier, in the very late 1700's. They survived Grosse Ile and passed on to their progeny the strength of body and character as necessary now as it was in those harsh times.

We still enjoy all things Irish, especially the "blarney." As a family, although there was much French-Canadian and English thrown in, we celebrated the day with shamrocks, parades and joy. It was seen as almost the end of Winter and definitely cause for celebration.  I included the parade in MontrĂ©al in yesterday's post because that is the one I attended as a child, and it has been an annual event in my home city for 191 years. The St. Patrick's Society is one of the oldest in Canada.

So, my friends, whether you have a touch of the Irish or not, enjoy this day in all its glory!

and a fervent Irish wish from Maxine


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