Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fools Day...

It's April.  The snow is finally melting, the icicles are gone from the roof and the gardens around the house are starting to show.  Hallelujah! We discovered a small amount of water in our basement, near where the hydro line comes in, so the condo corp. is going to look after it.  Woo Hoo!  No more huge house expenses. About time, too.

The house next door just sold for 15K more than we bought ours for, so we're ahead of the game. I wonder what Acheson will do without Charlie, the cat, her nemesis!  Charlie is a real character, and he torments the dog mercilessly. It's fun to watch.

Matt and Andrea are going to buy the townhouse in Barrie!  I'm so happy for them, and for us. Means only a 50 minute easy drive, and the house is lovely. A good yard for Mumford, too. He needs it. All new, including the appliances. It even has a garage. Matt will have only a 30 minute commute, so that's the biggest bonus.  There is a high school three blocks away for Jackson. It's all good.

I love living here. I just phoned the local shoe store (one of them) to have a pair of rain shoes put on hold until later. Now, where else can you do that? (Mumford chewed my last pair... I should charge Matt for them!)

Erica and family are coming here for Easter and to celebrate my birthday!  I'm truly blessed. It will be so much fun having them all here. We may even go to the city for Easter Sunday.

I am starting to think about camping. Looking through the various campground sites. Ontario Parks are still the nicest ones. Will have to see what time off we have, usually in the week.

Well, my friends, have a great April 1st.  Don't get caught!

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  1. All of your news was exciting. I am so glad you are happy in your new place, and am sure the kids will be as well. Everyone will be settled by spring and summer. Happy Birthday in advance my friend.


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