Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Friday, 2 May 2014

I must have been busy!

For those of you who actually read what I put here, sorry I haven't been more forthcoming. We have been really busy. Easter weekend also featured my birthday (don't ask how many! I might have to smack you!), and the kids were here with their kids.  It was great. Lots of food, wine, noise and a generally great time.

Matt's house in Barrie closed on the 24th of April, so we started moving stuff from the storage unit and their apartment. We weren't allowed into the house until 4:00 PM (some silly rule... The money was in the bank the night before.  Go figure), so we put stuff in the garage, which I partially moved into the house when I picked up the key. Ronald and Jackson picked up another load of stuff in Gravenhurst, and then came back down to the house.  Matt met us all there at about 7, at which point Sears had delivered all the appliances - we had kept that to ourselves until Matt and Andrea stepped in the door. Andrea had called Sears several times, and they had not called back to let her know they would be delivering. Good thing I was there! Anyway, all was well. They love the house, and the apartment (condo) is rented for a year, so they have some breathing room.

Jackson is staying with us until the end of school, so we have been up early each morning (hey, we don't usually have to stir until after 9, so 7:30 is early, OK?), and I have got back into the routine of over 20 years past when I made breakfast and lunches for kids. I drive, too, so the day is off to a fast start.  None of this reading in bed in the mornings anymore!

Our neighbours at the lake moved our camper from our old property for us. They are the best. Now, all we have to do is get the boat out of there. Then, of course, there is the shelter full of catering stuff. Oh well, it will get moved sooner or later; probably Sunday, when Jackson starts his job at Sobey's at 7:00 AM!   LOL

I started working at the Food Bank this week. It was really great. So much organization and good will. It was nice to meet new people, too, and find out how the whole thing works.

Well, I have to get work done, so I will leave you for now. I promise to be more active again!

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  1. You definitely have been a busy bee, but glad it is all coming together. As soon as school is out, maybe you will be able to wind down and relax again. The kids here have one more week and then summer begins for them. Hope you can be more active here. Jim isnt doing well, and it is taking it's toll on my mind, body and spirit. I just keep going on...what else can I do? lol


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