Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Weekend with family

Last weekend, we spent two days with Ronald's wonderful family in Harrington, aka "the back of beyond." AKA "bf nowhere" to the family. However, once there, the serenity sets in, the wine flows, the food entices and the company is just wonderful. I miss my husband's family... I don't often say so because it would be futile to wish to go back, but if I had my "druthers," I would be there, near them, to be able to enjoy just the day to day.

Harrington, QC, is really in the middle of nowhere; however, in that wilderness was carved a wonderful "enclave" of hand hewen logs homes on Lake Agnes. It is home to my brother in law and his wife, who should really have a B & B.  She is the greatest cook ever, and he is a wonderful story teller.

Here are some of the pictures of our weekend with family. We had brunch on Sunday with all three brothers and wives, son of host and hostess and daughter of one of brothers and her husband. (I don't like to provide personal information. If you want it, contact me.)

Paula doing what she does so well
The feast
Chairman of the board
Elders and Silke and Carl
Silke's husband Paul
Ronald when he found out the bottom of the mug was a pig's nose!
Before the onslaught

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