Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's back.....

 Dog walking takes on a whole new dimension when the snow comes. See that hill? Going up is a piece of cake; coming down without Yak Trax (strange looking gripping devices you put on the soles of your boots) is taking your life in your hands, in spite of the great job the snow removal team does. It's very beautiful. Just have to get used to the boots, gloves (still don't know where I put them from last year!), scarves, hats and jackets. At least we have heat that works this year!

If you love Christmas crackers, this is the place to look and buy!
All the crackers are handmade by real people in Bracebridge, Muskoka.
We are very busy right now cutting, pasting, glueing, wrapping and shipping.
Our American Thanksgiving orders are just about done, and Janet and the other ladies at the Post Office are helping us make sure they get there on time!

If you don't want to be disappointed, ORDER NOW!
(This little reminder brought to you by the Office Elf at Gillian Crackers)

Since I was last "here," our family has installed tile in the foyer, hall, kitchen and bath. We have also done hardwood (Ash) in the living and dining areas. James installed the baseboards and the new heaters with Ronald, and Erica touched up my lousy paint job.

We are still waiting for our large patio door for the basement, which was promised "before the snow flies." Guess what? It's not here, yet. Last I heard, there had been a mix up at the factory, but they were "on it."  If they make one, teensy remark about slipping and sliding, they will get an earful... polite, but to the point! Our old door is probably original to the house, and it leaks cold like a tunnel. I am not amused.

We are also supposed to be getting new front storm doors... same timeframe.  Sigh.  That door, too, is a nightmare. Quite apart from not keeping the weather out, it comes back at you and strikes or corners whatever part of your anatomy that hasn't been quick enough to exit before it closes. We old folks get a tad annoyed at being pushed around like that. Not to mention the cursing and swearing. Poor dog gets her tail caught in it all the time!

See you again soon!

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  1. Love the will have a brand new house once you get the doors in and the painting finished. Just in time to snuggle in for winter. We are already having unseasonal weather...temps in the 20's. We came straight into winter with about 3 weeks of fall. All is well that I mean we are still alive....:-) Hugs


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