Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Friday, 28 November 2014

Not moving day...

Well, here we are three full days after the due moving date. Matt and Andrea's house in Barrie closed as expected, but all of us have been through the ringer, financially and emotionally this week.

Because the broker who was arranging their mortgage screwed up big time, the mortgage needed for the house in Dunsford was denied... Three days before closing! Needless to say, we went into panic mode.

Said piece of work demanded all but our first born (she would never have gone anywhere with him!) to get the deal worked out. I spent hours finding documents, scanning them, sending them and praying they could open them. He told us we had to prove where our money was coming from. This, for $11,000! Had I known, I would have written a cheque and figured it out afterwards. But he wanted lines of credit (did we have one on the house? were we sure? As if we were doddering fools!) and he wanted to know where our money came from. Fortunately, our lawyer is a very positive and helpful person, so he walked us through this morass of legal jargon and financial CYAs. I hope never, ever to lay eyes on that piece of work again.
 Don't you love the front of the house?

All the papers were signed this afternoon. The fees were paid in full. Now, we have to wait for the lender to put its stamp of approval on the deal. That will be Monday. We are only very lucky that Matt and family have a place to live in the meantime, about three blocks from their new house.

Jackson started school yesterday. There was a fire in the washroom after first period, so the kids were sent home! Best first day, ever, according to him!  Monday he starts full time. School bus will pick him up at 7.10AM... LOL

Our new patio door arrived yesterday.  Thank God!  No more drafts, cold air pockets or ice forming on the bottom of the door. The men installed it in about 2 hours, cleaned up all their mess, took the old door away, and voila!
no more mess!
More when I have more to say!

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  1. Love the house, and your door looks like a good one for sure. Hope things go smoothly from now on.


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