Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Monday, 1 December 2014

First Advent (yesterday) and a new beginning for Matt, Andrea and Jackson... at last!

Obviously, the stress of the last week got to my brain, and until Ronald brought in boughs today, I hadn't remembered Advent. We have always, always had an Advent wreath on the table. Ever since I first went to Ronald's parents' house before we were married, and I saw the lovely wreath hanging from their staircase into the hall. It was wonderful! And it was Christmas. Then, we lived in Germany for a year, and no self-respecting house got ready for Christmas without an Advent wreath, so I bought the metal frame, which I have used for 45 years! The boughs, apples or pine cones and candles change each year, but for the four Sundays leading up to Christmas, the wreath brings colour, light and pleasure to our lives.

Matt, Andrea and Jackson's new home finally closed at 4.50 this afternoon! We had gone to Dunsford to help move, but were in the car on the way home when Jackson called. I did not have my computer or paperwork for my job with me, and we had to come home. I will pack it all up to take with me tomorrow, to be sure!
Matt was not feeling well today, but he was called into another home in Aurora because the cook there had been "injured." Don't know what the injury was, but Matt said he didn't know why he was there, other than to be subjected to abuse from a very rude kitchen worker.
Anyway, he got it all straightened away and returned to his "home," where he is responsible for a banquet for 200 tonight! Poor man can't even go home on time to start enjoying his new house!
But tomorrow is another day, and with hard work and a little luck, Ronald and I will have the new house looking like home, under Andrea's direction. So Matt can just walk in and enjoy.
We all thought we would have a total meltdown at 3'ish, when Jen, the lawyer's absolutely amazing paralegal, messaged and said the lenders needed another piece of ID for Matt! Andrea produced his birth certificate, I photographed it and emailed it to Jen, with the caveat that it was from Qu├ębec, hence in French, so those Western lenders had best not get their knickers in a knot! Fortunately, they didn't, and it all went through.  You can't imagine the relief!
We are now at home breathing deeply!

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