Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Saturday, 27 December 2014

A most wonderful Christmas...

Christmas Eve
The "good" china
The "silver"
The handmade "crackers"
The suspense!

We were at Erica's for Christmas Eve. The whole family! There were cheese snacks et al. Plus, a friend who brought cheese and good wishes. Then we had cheese fondue! OMG to die for! But none of us did, and we opened "one" present each before everyone dispersed to their various Christmas Day activities the next day. 
Meanwhile, at our house.... the manger was waiting. As was the tree. And Acheson was in the house with the cat. They were both being looked after by Yanna, who loves them both and lives a couple of doors down. Such a blessing.
We came home last evening to a very happy dog and a welcoming house. We brought in all the goodies and just generally enjoyed our home.
On the way home yesterday, we went to IKEA to get a cover for our sofa. It looks amazing! As does the soap dispenser our youngest gave us.
It's been a joyous time, and we thank God and our family for all the generosity of spirit and the wonder of being together. Here's to many more.

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  1. So glad you had a good Christmas. Our family is getting together tomorrow, as all the kids had in laws to be with, etc. I am glad it is over. Scrooge here!


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