Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Monday, 16 February 2015

Holidays are always gone in a flash

Hilton Head Island - My favourite place
We left for the island on February 6th, and we took our time to get there. It's a long drive, and we wanted to savour the different places along the way. We barely escaped a snowstorm between home and Severn Bridge. It was so bad, I thought we should turn back. But the boss persevered, and we got out of it.
We met Matt and Jackson for lunch near St. Catherine's, then we were on our way! The border crossing was totally uneventful. We drove to Grove City for the overnight, and had a great supper at Kings.
When we woke up in the morning, all full of energy, we realized we were far too early for the outlet stores, so we just drove on.
When we arrived at the Disney resort, the sun was shining, and it was just wonderful. We were even greeted by "Shadow," who is now 18 years old. Not bad for a Golden Retriever. Must be all the pixie dust they mix in her food.
We went to our villa, and just felt at home, in spite of the refurbishing they have done, which is evocative of Florida glitz rather than a South Carolina fishing lodge. But, all in all, they did a decent job.  Then it was time for dinner. Guess who BBQ'd?
Can you see the boss waiting patiently for the coals to take? Dinner was great. We had leftovers the next day.
We thought Robert and Paula were due on Monday, but apparently we got it wrong, so we spent the day puttering. They arrived on Tuesday, and we had a great few days together.
The 12th was the boss' birthday, and we had a really fun day. We had cake for breakfast and "selfies" of "the boys."

Then, we went to Savannah and walked all over the place. Had lunch in Market Square, "did" River Street and then drove through the historical district. We had planned on dinner out, but we were all too tired and ready for home, so Ronald cooked chicken and ribs for his own birthday.  On Friday, Robert and Paula took us to the Crazy Crab for lunch. It was great.
Saturday was pack up and get out of town day, much to my chagrin. But before we left the island, we went to the Gullah Festival of the Arts Gullah Festival. We bought a small gift for our lovely dog/cat sitter, Yanna from this lady -
who has been honing her craft all her life on the island.
We had an uneventful drive to Wytheville on the way back, until we were about 30 minutes away, when it started to blizzard. It was still 8C and snowing! We made sandwiches for supper and stayed in the room!

Yesterday, we left the motel at 8.20 in the morning (early for us), and it was -27C. Almost unheard of in VA. We drove for a while, then stopped for breakfast near Beckley. Met a couple who had just driven down #19 from Flatwoods through Beckley, and they said the road was terrible, which proved to be true when we got there about half an hour later. The crappy road lasted almost an hour. Thank goodness my husband is a good driver!
Once we got through that mess, it was good roads all the way, so we decided to head straight for home, although it would be a very long drive. Never seen Summersville Lake frozen before!

We got home last night at 9.30. The dog and cat were so pleased to see us. What a greeting!  But holidays are always gone in a flash. Sigh.

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  1. Sounds like it was the time you needed and fun for all. Glad you made it home safe. I agree, holidays are go entirely tooooo fast.


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