Coffee always fresh...

Coffee always fresh...

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On a cold day, some things are clearer

So here we were yesterday on route 124 between Parry Sound and Burks Falls, when "hawkeye," better knows as the boss, spotted two beautiful moose gamboling in the meadow at the side of the road. As soon as they realized a car was slowing to watch them, they went into the bushes, of course. Obviously, they had never encountered patient humans before. We just sat there, camera ready (what did we do without phones with cameras?) until the "lead" guy ran out of fodder on the bush he was stripping. I took several still pictures before remembering I actually had the capability to catch them moving. Duh.
As I trained my phone/camera on the "lead" guy (they were both male. One had antlers, the other not), he rewarded me with a short stroll to the next group of edibles. What a sight! I had never actually come across them moving. Usually, just in a group of tress staring back at us. Such a treat on a freezing (-26C) day. Made the rest of the day pale by comparison.   Enjoy!

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